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ROG Strix G16 (2023) After updating, the device cannot be turned on.

Level 9

Today, while I was using my notebook computer,
There is a pop-up notification. It said to restart to update.
When I confirm restarting the computer
The machine turned off and then turned back on and entered the BIOS update page.
It takes about 5 minutes to update.
Until restarting again
Then my notebook computer shut down.
I waited almost 30 minutes.
I see that my notebook computer is not responding.
So I pressed the power button.
It started to work. and seems to boot something
It took 2 minutes and no Asus logo came up.
There is no loading into Windows.
The machine shut down without anything coming up.
And now I still can't turn on my device.
Ask someone who can solve this problem. Please tell me how to fix this.

20231111_084945.jpgScreenshot 2023-11-11 103648.png


thank you
I can turn it back on.