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Rog strix g16 13980hx 12gb 4080gpu Stuttering SOLUTION Solved!!

Level 8

Hi all for many weeks I have been trying through thick and thin to stop microsrutters on my machine, I have tried to the beyond to try and get no microsrutters I have tried HAGS ON and OFF, low latency mode on off v-sync g-sync on off etc, steam overlays Xbox overlays, DDU gpu driver reinstalled them, Bios update, intel software updates THE WHOLE BLASTED THING!!!

I Have finally Found a solution!!!

Here is what I did to solve micro stutters from 150fps down to 40 then back up again 😞 

So first I disabled low latency mode to off in nvidia control panel, turned g-sync to fixed, v-sync off, 

Then in game made custom frame rate eg, 250hz screen to make a custom rate of 125, At this point it solved a few games but warezone still going crazy with the stutters, Here the best bit!!!!

I then went into armor create and put it to silent mode and gpu on optimal mode minimised the program fired up warezone and it's runs silky smooth around 100 fps and gpu temps from constant 78 degrees all the way down to 66 degrees,


Hope this helps anyone with the absolute nightmare of a situation into some good 🙂 

Practice and enjoy 🙂


Level 12

this is not a fix becouse silent mode CUT your performance and get your temperature at HIGH level..... for this stutters your problem can be the max TDP of the laptop so if your GPU use a 175 Watts of power and your CPU use 55 watts that make your MAX TDP your laptop cant provide more power than 230 to the CPU+GPU .... and i wont to ask you did you think for warzone your CPU have enought power becouse 55 watts in high fps game for this POWER hungry CPU is not enough .... my I7-13650 14 cores CPU need more power to run Warzone at stabble FPS so in you case the silent mode LIMIT the power usage of the GPU and for this you get stable FPS ....

the fix for your is to UNDERVOLT your CPU and GPU even you lower you GPU speed that will also lower the power usage and will provide more power to the CPU 

Thanks for the reply explode, could you possibly point in the right direction on how to do this? As I have never done an undervolt etc before, 

I found that gpu was way cooler on silent too at 66 degrees than 80 on turbo 😕 

These laptops gives you a massive headache 😞 

Many thanks again 

Watch this youtuber he have a lot of videos where he undervolts GPUs and CPUs watch some of them try to read and learn this is the best you can do 

Also search in youtube how to undervolt Nvidia laptop GPU 

This is not hard but you must read some information before do this steps 

And in your case you need only to undervolt CPU and GPU 

Also undervolt is safe only thing that can happen is your laptop to crash and your settings get to default after restart will be 100% fine 

You can use Intel XTU for cpu undervolt 

And MSI afterburner for GPU undervolt 

Watch videos learn and do not increase the voltage 

I am sure if you read and watch you will learn it 

Also every laptop have problems like this you will not find a high end laptop that can use 100% of CPU and GPU whit max power becouse they have a power limits bigger than a PC

Thanks for the information, After messaging asus they seen to think the stuttering is from too little ram left over in the system as mines upto 95% used when in games, I downloaded a ram cleaner, Used it to clean ram and free up, Went from 95 to 70 % stutters are now hardly there at all in warzone and spiderman remastered, I have now also ran it in turbo mode as well 🙂 seems it could be not enough ram might opt for a ram upgrade from 16 to 32 gb and have 2x 16 gig ram than 2x 8 gig sticks in this machine, Haven't tried undervolt yet but will try this later this week 🙂