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ROG Strix G15LI - Updating Intel Processor Graphics

Level 7

I've been wandering if it is allowed to update the Intel Process Graphics driver Intel® Driver & Support Assistant. I'm worried that I might messed this up and I'd to know if this is recommend for ASUS ROG Laptops too. Aside from that, I'd like to here some tips for updating other drivers. Thanks in advance.


ASUS recommends to install the drivers from the support page for your device. If you are having some sort of issue then it might be worth installing newer drivers from the component manufacturer (Intel, Nvidia, etc).

If installing a generic Intel driver does cause unwanted behavior you can always look for an ASUS released version on the support page. You may have to expand some of the sections to find additional drivers. If ASUS did not release a custom driver for something then that means you will be just fine with whatever Windows Update provides.
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