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Rog Strix g15 Notebook doesnt Boot.

Level 7

Hello all.

I changed the termalpaste and cleaned the coolers. The notebook started without problems and worked perfectly. I also ran some bench marks and the temparatures were much better. Then my battery died. Just to know i changed the battery like a year ago. And with the new battery it worked perfect. But after my battery died i charged it. but when i pressed the start button the lights went on and everithing and the screen showed nothing. And after like 20 sek the laptop just shut off. I unscrewed it and cheked everithing. after putting it together it worked, untill i powered it off. then ths same problem started. I turned it on while holding the esc key, to get to the boot menue and than it worked i restarted it and got to the byos and after i went to the boot menue from the byos it just shut off. Then i saw here, that a hard reset could work, but after that not even the charging light turned on, while charging. 

I dont know, what i should do. Please give me some tips.