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rog strix g15 G513RM frequent and diverse driver issues?

Level 7


I purchased my g15 laptop almost exactly a year ago. With my warranty set to expire on this day, I'd like to pose a question; what is wrong with these machines?  I have had to do many factory resets in the last year and send my laptop in twice to be repaired.

The two issues that I had to send my laptop in for resulted from 1) the wifi card and 2) the keyboard suddenly not working, not due to any particular update. The devices simply were not there according to my machine. No amount of  reinstalling drivers, updating windows, or the bios, misc. updating with armory crate,  or myasus fixed these issues. I tried safe mode. I tried dissecting my laptop, checking connections and disconnecting the battery for x amount of time. I tried a factory reset with both problems.  And eventually i sent my machine in to be *fixed*.

I've also had a hand full of random, unprompted issues communicating with peripherals on this machine that I have been able to fix. I've worked in IT for years, managed servers, and this is easily one the most temperamental machines I've had to deal with.

My best guess as to the source of these issuers is that it isn't driver related, or specifically hardware related. I think it is Armory Crate and MyAsus, and the other miscellaneous bloatware messing with the firmware.

TLDR: Has anyone successfully removed armory crate and myAsus, and reconfigured the parts of the Bios that talk to them? Does it help with the dumster fire of firmware issues? Is it worth it?