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ROG Strix G15 G513RM fan problems

Level 7

So, i don't know what happened. It's either i installed a different version of armory crate, or i updated the bios to 327. My armory crate broke and it affected my fans. The armory crate says that the CPU fan is spinning at 0 RPM and the GPU fan spins at around 2000-2300 RPM. But for some reason, the right fan (which i think is the CPU fan) spins so fast and loudly for no reason, even when i'm idling on my desktop. And to add to that, the left fan doesn't spin at all. I tried diagnosing the system in myAsus, and there it was, fan problem. I tried so many things, including unplugging and plugging the fan back in. It resolved the issue for a moment, but then the issue resurfaced. And from that, i assumed that it might be some sort of software problem.