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[ROG Strix G15 G513ic] Screen almost Pitch Black (even in the BIOS)

Level 7
So, as the title indicates, I have a problem: my screen is *almost* fully black.

Essentially, my G15 seemed to work fine for a few month. Then a couple of strange things began to happen. It slowly started with a couple of artifacts that would occasionally freeze the screen, and small visual glitches such as horizontal lines going from one end to another of the screen. Now, well, the screen is amost fully black with the exception of a tiny horizontal row at the top where I can still see some movement. However, aside from, the thing is pick black. To make it usable, I have to switch the refresh rate to 60hz instead of 144. If not, then the screen goes back to a pitch black state.

I though about reaching out to Asus to get it fixed but using their website right now feels more like torture than anything. I can't reach their live chat and the site also does not seem to allow me to make any RMA requests (For those asking, I am still under a warrenty).

Now, I don't know what to do anymore, I had been using an external display a couple of months ago so it was not that big of deal but yesterday, that also stopped working. What I mean is that the external monitor is fine, but the laptop refuses for some reasons to send out any display signal, either through HDMI or USB-C to Displayport. Additionally, while trying to make some blind troubleshooting (because this issue persits outside of the OS, into the BIOS, and even the recovery tool), I learned the very funny fact that my pc was apparently under bit locker protection. So, I can't even try to go into safe mode so that the refresh rate resets to 60.

Basically, I am now stuck with a piece of E-waste that doesn't output any display signal to my external monitor (which I have tested and know that it works), an internal display which is pratically pitch black at 144hz, and an OS that works fine, but is locked by a locker protection that I do not remember ever activating. Anyways, I am posting this here in hopes that someone has had the same issue and can help since ASUS' support seem to be on standby right now.

Level 7

Hi, I have the exact same problem. The problem started small and grew. Though the external monitor still works the laptop monitor is black exept a line on top... It stil works at 60 Hz for me with sometime a freeze. This started happening exactly 1 year after I bought it so the warranty was ended (Literally a week to late). I hope that Asus will see that and get it fixed. I asked for technical help but nothing worked... I do think that this is a recurrent problem with the G15 G513iC.

(I searched a lot for someone with the same problem and I am happy to finally find one.) (I know I am late to reply sorry)

Edit : It just stopped working in 144Hz too...

Level 7

I am facing the same issue too guys. It started a few months back and I also have to switch to 60hz for screen to work fine and I have noticed that the screen has started to flicker on 60hz too now. It's next to none in 60hz but yeah it's increasing daily on 144hz. I hope they get it fixed soon.

Send it to repair before it's too late. I waited too long and the waranty was finished before I wanted to send it to repair. I got it repaired like 2 weeks ago and now it works fine (for now, I'll update if any problem occurs). The repair was just a IPS panel swap I think, so it was not over 300$, even including the shipping fees.