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ROG Strix G15 G512LW thermal throttle in silent mode

Level 7
Hello everyone! I've recently bought a new laptop (name in the title). While browsing social media and the Internet, I was in silent mode. However, after that, I launched a game (Deep Rock Galactic on highest preset if that matters) and forgot to switch to the performance mode. After about an hour of gaming, I faced a framerate drop and thermal throttling of my CPU (due to 100 C temp) and only at this moment realized what I've done and instantly left the game and switched into the turbo mode to cool down my laptop. All I wanted to ask if it's very dangerous to my laptop, since I didn't encounter something bad or unnatural after that occasion, but I'm still afraid that I've strongly damaged something inside.

Level 10
There's nothing bad that happened as intel CPUs take care of themselves with the thermal throttling. Anyway it's a bad idea playing games in silent mode as it does not provide the sufficient cooling for max performance.

Hi De_Trix,

Don't worry, the first protection mechanism will indeed be the use of CPU thermal throttling. In case this would fail to keep your device from reaching unsustainable and potentially dangerously high temperatures (which in normal circumstances, it never should get this far*), the device will instantly shut down and fail to power on for a while, until cooled down to the point that an instant overheat on power on is not possible.

*You might or might have not read about the issue G512LW owners have endured, being that the fans failed to keep running when the laptop screen went off, and when the laptop went into standby mode. I have experienced several instant shutdown events because of exceptional overheating, of which none of them caused any physical and/or mechanical damage.

A one-time event like you have experienced will almost certainly not have caused any harm at all.

Best regards

Thank you very much for the answers!