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ROG Strix G15 Advantage Addition G513QY, Constantly Freezing

Level 7

HI all, i have had this laptop just over a year now. Bought it from Best Buy while on holiday in the US around April 2022 meaning it’s just fallen outside of warranty. Posting in this thread as i really dont know what else to do. 

Ryzen 9 5980hx, Radeon 6800m, 16GB DDR 4, 512 SSD

Essentially the laptop just randomly freezes every few minutes it does not matter what you are doing on it, when frozen no functions work and you are forced to power down the device. When checking event viewer after the freeze all I see is event ID 41 Kernel-Power which im guessing is related to the forced shutdown.

Thermals look perfectly good just before it freezes CPU sitting around 62 degrees.

I have tried the following myself.

  • Latest BIOS Installed.
  • Latest Chipset Drivers Installed.
  • Latest GPU Drivers Installed.
  • Ran the ASUS hardware Diagnostics tool passed on all tests.
  • Reset Device to Factory Defaults.
  • Reinstall win 11.
  • Installed win 10.
  • Installed new HD.
  • Installed new Ram.
  • Ran  the device with battery disconnected and connected to MB.

None of the above fixed the issue.

Eventually logged a call with ASUS, they advised to send it to an authorized repair Centre in my country to be assessed. They had it for around 3 weeks and all they would tell me is you need to replace the Motherboard they cant tell me why or what is broken, but it’s almost the same price as getting a new laptop and they can’t guarantee it will resolve the issue which to me means they don’t know what is wrong with it.

When reading the best buy reviews a year later it seems quite a few people had the same issue, I saw some similar threads related to the same type of freezing being an Optimus switching problem when users disabled their IGPU in bios it seems to have resolve it. But for the life of me I cant find this option in BIOS to even test.

Any help would be appreciated as I really would like to not have to throw away this laptop.


Level 10

I to have the same problem it only got worse as time went on I tried everything, Noticed  this all started happening after windows 11 and asus update.

I also noticed it getting slowly worse over time after, first it was once a week then slowly more often. When i set all my applications to only use the 6800m it deffinityl improved and stopped freezing for a while. If i recall it happened shortly after BIOS 331. Though i did try rolling back the BIOS recently with no improvement. I just dont believe its a motherbord issue, its their go to responce whenever they cant actually figure out the issue. Lets see what happens next time there is a new BIOS, for now its functioning as a very expensive door stop. 

I sent mine to get fixed they cleaned it reinstalled windows 11 reinstalled all drivers changed out the SSD and thermal re-pasting it but they too are having the freezing happening after 3 minutes of it turning on.