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ROG Strix G (G531GT) Gaming Laptop Problems

Level 8
Hello, I am ROG Strix G (G531GT) user. My laptop spec is i5-9300H, GTX1650, Intel AC9650. Windows 10 2004, BIOS version 307.

1. Since last update, I found out that my laptop disconnect Wifi automatically while playing multiplayer game, The only way to solve it temporary is wait for a minute or disable and then enable the wireless adapter in Device Manager.
2. However, it is not only problem. Sometimes the speaker will make a sound just like a "pop".
3. Besides, the Armoury Crate could not read CPU data, like CPU temperature, CPU usage, Memory frequency and CPU fan speed, this also affect the AURA effect "Smart" which changes keyboard color according to CPU temperature.

So, I want the software engineers aware of this problems and try to solve it in the next update. Thank you.


Level 8
I have done anything what I can, like reset Windows, update Wireless adapter driver, roll back BIOS version, but the problems still unsolved.

My wireless adapter driver version is, Windows OS build 19041.450.

The problem occurred again after few months. What I did to solve this problem is uninstall the driver and reinstall a new one.

1. Download the "Intel Wireless LAN Driver" from the ASUS support website.
2. Right-click the [Windows] icon on the left of the taskbar, then click [Device Manager].
3. In the Device Manager, click [Network adapters]> [Intel Wireless-Ac 9560 160MHz]> [Driver] tab> [Uninstall device]> [Uninstall the driver software from this device]. Then, repeat this process with [Bluetooth]> [Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R)].
4. After that, open the downloaded driver from step 1 and run it.
5. Restart your PC.