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ROG Strix Crashing maybe overheating?

Level 7

Hi my name is ben, i bought a new laptop, a few months ago. it is a Rog Strix G733PY, i have a RTX 4090 and for the life of me cant find out why its crashing so much. my Lenovo never had problems like this for the 4 years i had it, but when buying something new a buddy told me ROG is best for gaming... boy do i feel like i made the wrong choice.
so my computer crashes about once or twice per day when playing for 2-4 hours. my first thought was the temp of the CPU going from 85-95C and even hitting a max of 100C for a few seconds, the average temp is around 92-96F while playing games and 80-88C just from turning it on.  my GUP temp is around 88C playing (any games) and average CPU is around 87C playing games. 

Side note... i just had a shutdown again while writing this... i feel like this is due to the laptop overheating as it is super hot in the rear vents, the under side vents are not covered and let air flow. what should the temp be running at, i have not changed any of the settings to the pc. i bought it, downloaded all updates and started playing games, i have not touched anything in armoury crate as i have no idea about messing with that stuff.
here is a pic of it idling and playing games.Temp just idling LaptopTemp just idling Laptoperrors i get when it crashes.errors i get when it crashes.Temp while starting up a game.Temp while starting up a game.


Level 12

What are the fans speed's when you get this temperature , did you use a custom fan speed profile, do you have a cooling pad under the laptop for better temps