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Rog strix 4080 issues with nvidia driver

Level 7

I am having a hard time finding a solution. I recently went to play a game with my new rig and I needed to install the nvidia driver for my rog strix 4080 and it didn't down load properly and now I can't even keep my pc on for more than a few seconds I tried ddu and reinstall then it got worse, now I am not able to get into safe mode. 🙃 any thing helps. P.S- windows 11 pro is up to date and mobo.


Level 12

When a new generation of nVidia drivers appears, you have to be very careful and wait with their installation until you are sure that they do not cause problems for other users. From your description, it appears that you are going to have to reinstall the system.

In the future, perform system backups or restore points.

Level 7

I'm currently having the same problem with my rog strix 4080. I reset my pc because it got worse and now it's still not installing nvidia drivers properly, causing white lines on screen, blue screen, crashes after opening up anything 😑 idk what to do.

Level 12

You can perform a clean install of previous or Asus recommended drivers.