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Rog strix 16 (4060 i7 13)

Level 7

Hello, good afternoon, I would like to know if anyone has had something similar or the same happen to this case and if so, how did you manage to solve it? 4 days ago my computer had excellent performance, I would like to comment that this configuration had already been in place for 3 months and without problems Turbo mode, the cpu fan was at 2500 rpm, that of the gpu 2700 and that of the system 2200, when playing very heavy things for a very long time the temperatures of the gup and cpu did not go from 65 to 70, 70 was The top 3 days ago, for certain reasons, I reset my computer and since then I have had high temperatures, it does not matter if I am playing or it does not have those temperatures, when I play the processor it is 100% busy, something that did not happen before with any game, it does not matter If it were heavy or not and it reaches temperatures of 90, the graph reaches temperatures of 80.


Level 12


Level 12

I wite a comment but somehow the comment disappear .....

Now i wont to ask what games are you playing ? How you check the temperature of the cpu ? You can use HWINFO64 also can you upload a graph of the performance when you play this games the graph must be similar to this and use MSI afterburner for the graph (its better to be a video)

Screenshot 2024-04-09 144451.png

Another thing you can check how many core your cpu use this is shown in armory crate or task manager another thing is that your laptop will got hot in heavy games and this is normal the fan speed must be faster than 3000 rpm for better temps 

You can make a custom fan speed graph to improve the temperatures i will upload a link of the temp graph for Ghelper and Armory Crate you can try it 

Name of the folder show the max speed that can be achieved from the profile another thing you can try is to check what use 100% of the CPU open the task manager and chech there what is the task 

The photos for the profiles are here

And you can make profile this way

Screenshot 2023-11-18 032438.png

 another thing for better themps is to undervolt your CPU and GPU my are undervolted and i use a cooling pad for the laptop and this is the reason for this temps on the photo

If you wont to use Ghelper instead Armory Crate you must complete UNINSTALL armory crate and than use Ghelper