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Rog stix gl703g power problem

Level 7

Ok need advice.

The short of it is close the laptopnin the morning, came at nite to use it, nothing. Won't turn on and no lights turn on.

Fisrt thing check if i have power i conect a multyneter to the power supply and mark 19.5 great plug it in the laptop wont turn on so i check again .04 v i un plug the power suply and plug it back in 19.5 v and repeat if a plug it in the laptop y goes donw to .04 and nothing else could the laptop be fine and i just hace a dead charging block, if thats the csee would a lot better not great but better any help advise or anithing would help i know she's an old laptop but she's all i got and its the only thing keeping me aflot before dou g  anithng else im here for advise im gona give redit a go as well and see if a get lucky thanks all


Level 7

old MSI before the new Strix G16, similar issue and after web troubleshooting decided it was a bad cell in battery.  Then the power supply went to brick and  new ps  fix for 8 mo. before cpu was 8yrs old; probably needed fresh heat sink grease but put it off one week too long.  good luck

Level 7

small update posted on redit 200 views and no advice yet still waiting fingers crssoed