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Rog hero II gl504gm overheating out of nowhere

Level 7
I've had the laptop for about 6 months now, and so far my temperatures have been allright, sitting between 70 - 83 degrees on the balanced fan profile (CPU, gpu 75 - 79) for the games i play.
However out of nowhere, within the span of a day, my laptop hits 94 °c CPU and 90+ GPU within a minute of gaming on all of the fan modes.
Regardless of what game i play, the settings... within a minute the laptop will severely thermal throttle making ANY game unplayable.

I've had some issues before with this laptop before where playing on an angled cooling pad would cause it to therma throttle, but this is definetely not the case right now. All fans seem to be working aswell, can't detect a hardware issue at first glance.

I hope someone can help me out, or speakout if they have/had similair issues.

Level 7
UPDATE: It seems like only the left fan works, which is connected to the cpu if i'm not mistaken. The other fan remains silent during a stress test