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ROG GL753VE Problems

Level 7
Hy guys
First of all im sorry if i`m in the wrong place im new here, ok so a few month ago i bought this laptop when i installed win 10 i saw that my disk usage stay 100% even with 20 MB, time come to reinstall windows now i got a lot more problems same one with the disk usage the cd that camed with the laptop now gives error "Failed to load hardware monitor!" my gtx 1050 ti i think dosent work anymore or it keeps it shut down when im gaming windows taks manager show gpu at 5% tops but the GPU Tweak II that i downloaded now while im writing the post and doing nothing else it show memory usage of gtx 1050 ti at full 4096/4096. Can someone help me please and btw the win 10 is with valid license if that matters.

Thx again and sry if im in the bad place.