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ROG GL753VD boot up time

Level 7
Left side: ASUS GL753VD with a Patriot Hellfire 240GB PCI Express x4 Rev. 3.0, NVMe 1.2, M.2 2280 [ PH240GPM280SSDR ], Notebook's manufacture date: 2016/12
Right side: Some other brand's Core i3 business class notebook with a Samsung 120GB SATA SSD, Notebook's manufacture date: 2009/something (washed out)

Level 7
The Hellfire SSD should be faster for sure. Did you try updating firmware on the Hellfire SSD? I think you probably do that through the HELLFIRE M.2 TOOLBOX - VERISON 1.00 software but I am only guessing. Also make sure you haven Intel Rapid storage technology driver installed. for Kaby Lake and for Skylake

Edit: Should also mention that there might be a setting in BIOS that might not be set properly. I think if you have the SSD set to AHCI mode if I recall correctly than it will function at a lower speed. Now before you change the setting you will likely need to set Windows to boot in safe mode for the 1st boot after changing the setting.

Hello U2Desire, I didn't update the firmware but I will. I have Intel rapid storage driver installed. In everyday usage I am perfectly satisfied with both SSD and overall system speed, it's the fastest notebook I had ever, return from sleep mode is almost instantaneous, but sometimes sleep mode f@cks up USB. In BIOS AHCI is the only option available from a drop down menu!!! I would surely be happier if BIOS, drivers and software for this model wouldn't be half-ready after quite a few months from release. POST is taking too long in my opinion (fastboot is on).

Level 10
Hp has fastboot in bios or fast restart in windows. Turn fastboot and fast restart to OFF. Or, try same experiment starting from a restart operation. Restart both susytems at the same time.