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ROG GL703GM reporting incorrect battery capacity. Suddenly drops from 100% to 0%

Level 7
While the GL703GM is running and plugged in, the battery charge suddenly drops from 100% to 0% and starts charging, then after + -5 minutes it is restored to 100%, and the level of battery wear is reduced by 15% and this happens once a day or two.
At this time, the laptop shows an indicator that it is charging and is not able to work at full capacity. Power Limit Throttling is working at this time.


The thing is that if I will disable power supply and will leave the laptop for running on battery it will work more than specified capacity. That's how I was tried to calibrate the battery but than it happened again. So I think the battery is fine. I've updated all drivers for GL703GM.

All this begun after the notebook was in service center and they fixed the previous issues when GL703GM was randomly turning off. They said that it was*defect from the manufacturer and fixed it.**
Anybody knows the reason of this issue and how can I fix it?