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ROG GL703GE Fan Speed Goes Crazy

Level 7

I have problem since first day i bought laptop...

When i boot and log into Windows 10 my fans go crazy... they are constantly like in overboost mode and they are so loud...
I uploaded BIOS i reset everything to default value, i installed hotkeys and tried to switch fan speed with FN+F5, same in gaming centre, and nothing can do the trick...

Is there a way to fix this because it is annoying. if i were gaming or something that would cause laptop to warm up i would not say anything but this fan goes crazy after i start my OS.

Please help.

I have the GL703GE laptop, I'm providing a link to an image of what I dealt with, and then me working through my issue and finding a solution on another message board.

The reason I'm doing this on this thread right here, instead of on the link provided, is that google searches direct you to this specific thread.

Let me know if this helps anybody!

solution was this, atleast for me.


Yeah, it's a bit washed out due to the bright light, we can't actually see it.

Also, I think your notes on it are fine, it should be pretty obvious if you have an issue with the pin. If I continue having an issue, I'll probably check mine to make sure they're correct.

On that note, I'll go ahead and mention my electrical tape isn't holding that well and I've had to go in multiple times to reset it. I was warned, I'm stubborn. One more time and I'll be checking this for sure.