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ROG GL702VS crashing

Level 7
I bought a windows 10 laptop a year ago, everything worked fine for it for the most part. Then one day something went wrong and it blue screened. I've had multiple bluescreen issues. Such as memory_management issue, ntsf.sys has failed, corrupted faulty hardware, unhandheld exception threat, and a few others. So i have sent in my laptop, they recommend it needs a new motherboard, so i did that, which was 1000$! and replaced it, the issue still happened. I reformated and did system restore twice! Issue still comes back, once a week it happens! I have no idea what to do at this point. I have wiped the drive twice, replaced the motherboard, took the computer to a shop and had it scanned, it passed the graphics card and ram test successfully. So i'm out of options now, what else can i do? I have scanned the hard drives sfc/scan now, virus scanned, malware scanned, everything! The computer has never overheated or anything, but this stupid blue screen issue that happens once a week is driving me crazy, and im sure eventually it will destroy my computer. I'm forced at thiss point to sell it for 1000$, since i bought it for 2500$, and sunk an extra 1000$ into it...If anyone can help me fix this, please let me know.


asus rog GL702VS
32 gigs of ram
i7 processor 7700hq
NVidia GeForce gtx 1070 8gb
2.8 ghz-3.8
windows 10 home
1 terabyte SSD
1 terabyte HD

Heres a link to the BSOD

Microsoft has also told me that this is an ASUS issue, i have gotten the motherboard repaired as they told me to, but this did not fix the issue.

Level 7
I really hope someone can solve this problem. If the problem is solved, this computer is really a good one. Let's continue to look for solutions. Don't give up. I'll keep an eye on this thread.

Level 11
Remove one of the ram sticks and see if the problem persists.