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ROG GL504GW Low R/W speeds using NVMe and wifi problems

Level 7
Hi guys,

Recently i updated my GL504GW , installing a ADATA XPG SX6000 1 TB NVMe,

But when running benchmarks test, i only get half of the speed on Read and Write,

I tried the NMVe, on other computer and it is working at full speed.

Anyone have this kind of problem?

And my wifi when pc is full load (gaming), start losing packges,

Mabe there is some load on Pci lanes?

Tried updating every driver of everything,


Level 7
I have also WIFI problems - Adapter keeps restarting.

There are errors in system logs with : netwt0886215

I had the same problem using WIFI 2,4 on wifi 5,0 it works better

If you set power plan balanced or economic wifi works fine

Could you please make a ssd test to check your ssd speed?

Level 10
Hello chadalu,
The wifi issue also happen after the installation of the SSD?
What is your BIOS and WIfi driver version?
May you explain more about the losing package scenario?
Thank you.

Any bios, since 304 up to 307
Tried windows default drivers, and tried updated one, i even changed the wifi adapter to see if it is a hardware problem!

On Max Perfomance mode, the Wifi 2,4 ghz wont work at all
On balanced or silence mode, wifi 2,4 works like a charm,

It loses package when playing on 5ghz, you have package loss, on cable works fine ( so it is not my internet/router)

The major problem was the NVME speeds, looks like there is some kind of bug on pci lanes config