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ROG Gaming Center Malfunction, Minor Freezes, Heating Issue, Limited FPS

Level 7
I've got ASUS ROG GL503VD-FY254T Laptop this April. After few days of usage, I started dealing with issues in the laptop.

1. My ROG Gaming Center always shows 0 and 608 mhz in CPU and GPU usage respectively. Even the temperature values doesn't change much. I tried reinstalling it but the Issue still persist. I am also unable to control fan through this.
2. A 3-4 seconds of freeze in now started occuring in my laptop be it in moving the mouse pointer or typing in contana search bar. It spares nothing. Its less frequent but its happening and ruining my new laptop experience.
3. Unusual heating around arrow keys on lighting up the keyboard with aura core.
4. Playing COD MW3, A 5 year old game at low settings in 720p in a laptop that has 7700HQ/8GB/NV GTX 1050/128GBSSD kinda specs and getting around 35FPS Average is totally disheartening. Don't know why its happening.

I went ahead and did some cleaning in registry, temporary folders, deleted windows.old, uninstalled pack softwares, optimized disk and many more things.

I've also made following changes before it started happening.
1. Updated BIOS to version 304
2. Updated Windows 10 home to fall creator's build
3. Updated Intel Wireless Drivers and Softwares
4. Unisntalled Office 16 Trial
5. Unisntalled McAffe Live Scan Antivirus
6. Installed Adobe Softwares with mod redistributable packages.

You might be thinking of restoring system to past S.R.Points would solve the issue. But I've updated to latest fall creator's build. There is no past restore point to which i can restore from.

What is causing all this? How can i get it fixed?

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