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ROG G814JI battery light blinking orange and no POST

Level 9

This issue does not always happen and there is not a way of reproducing this all the time. Sometimes the laptop starts, some of the keyboard light animation when POSTing happens and then it cuts somewhere there and then without disk activity blinking, battery light starts blinking orange. Sometimes fans turn with a high speed as well. If I hold down the power button and then close the laptop and then start it again, the issue still happens. Even if I connect the AC adapter. The only way of fixing this is holding down the power button around 20-30 seconds and then starting the PC again. That boot takes a while but the issue disappears.

The only hardware modification I've done to the system is my extra RAM, it was 16x1 and I bought a Crucial RAM to go along with the one in the laptop. I did a memtest and both memories are fine. However I think Crucial one has different chips than the one in the laptop so I'm worried about this situation affecting my boot as well. I can't remember if the system did this without the extra RAM or not.