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ROG G531 GT GV differences?

Level 7
What are the actual differences between G531 GT GV (and other) models? I tried searching it but couldn`t find anything.
The reason why I`m asking is because I need a new keyboard, but in my area (and with my locale) I can only get the one for G531GV, while I have a G531GT version laptop. So are they interchangeable?
Also, that keyboard comes with touchpad with numberpad function. It would be really cool to get it working too, because I lack numpad a lot.

Level 9
HI there,
By model name, GV and GT are different in graphic card.
In general, the 2 two model have no difference in appearance,
For some optional function, like numpad, it's different bydevice to device.
So the keyboard would be okay for you as long as they are the same language version.
But for the numpad, it might not work if you don't have it at the first place.
Thank you.