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ROG G16 Nebula 4070 Arrived

Level 7

Asus G16 4070 Nebula arrived

Hello Folks,

Finally my Asus G16 4070 Nebula arrived. And i’ve just followed booting it up -setup to lead windows 11 that was already on it i guess. I’ve also upgraded the bios as it prompted on the first day it threw a blue screen BSOD.
I did try options in the bios VMD controller etc on/off it did not fix. To get over it i had to reinstall windows.
BIOS upgrade causing BSOD took me by surprise for a new laptop. Now im scared to even accept upgrades. Is this an issue with ASUS rog laptops? Something i’m missing? Is there anything i need to do different with new laptop setup. Please suggest the ideal setup and factory bloateare to un-install etc. Thanks


Level 12

Watch this guys video's on not having a lot of bloatware on your win 11 

Level 11

The BIOs have been an issue for some as you can read if you search the forum. Personally I have had no issues at all upgrading the BIOs twice since I purchased my Asus G18 with nebula display 4 months ago. I don't think you should get scare of updating base don one bad experience. It's a  bit like saying you won't drive anymore cause the first time you drove you scratched your bumper. I don't understand why you didn't do a system recovery to back before you updated the BIOs rather than doing a full reinstallation of Windows?

Level 12

And I understand it, because not everyone is an IT genius. I have 35 years of experience with computers, and sometimes manufacturers surprise and disappoint me.