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Rog G15 G513QR Complete System Wide Stutter

Level 7
I dont know what to write or how to explain it to everyone,

I got my laptop 2 weeks ago (i have never had a laptop before) firstly i setup my windows after that i feel some stutter and unresponsiveness, I tried everything about this issue, yes everything formatted my windows 10 with clean install, nothing changed,

Then I tried to upgrade win11 (and of course with clean install)

Updated my every driver (bios, igpu driver, dgpu driver, chipset driver,everything)

I dont know what to do

Exact problem is something like in this video for an example

This stutter happening because ftpm, but as i know there is no official information about a bios update for laptops from asus

But that's not my only problem when im on browser watching something on youtube or twitch etc. browser window stutters when i change its position.

When im playing a game for example Jedi Fallen Order (not just happening on this game its almost happening on every game i had) fps drop to 10 or something for a milisecond, micro fps drops almost happening everytime. If you have a solution please let me know. I really dont know what to do.

My specs:

Rog Strix G513QR

R9 5900HX


2X8 3200MHZ


Level 7
I'm having about the same kind of issue on my laptop as well. It goes away after a restart, but i don't wanna do it every time i wanna play a game. Have you found a fix yet?