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ROG Aura Core stopped working on ASUS GL504GM

Level 7
Hi, I have no idea why but the ROG Aura Core has stopped turning on automatically during boot/wake from sleep and only works when I go into the app and then close it. I noticed this when I opened my laptop when I got to my parent's place (I left my laptop there closed all week) Any fix?

Level 7
Hi, I am also having the exact same issues as you, There was me thinking it was just me who was having this problem, I also open the Windows App then exit and it works for a very short time only to stop working again!
I have contacted Asus a few times with regards to this issue, only to be told to download the Hotfix from there Drivers & Tools webpage with which I did, and it still didn't do anything! I then get told today to perform a Factory Reset, which I might have done until I saw your post, This is clearly a Bug in the Software, Asus are quick enough to pass the buck so to speak and say it is a issue with my Laptop, No it isn't....they need to fix this, so I would suggest ypu phone them as well, as the more people report this bug the more chances we have with them fixing this issue ASAP!!!