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ROG 502VS GTX1070 summary questions

Level 7
Hi after two weeks of laptop optimalisation process I have couple of summary question:

At first I have to say that undervolting of CPU and GPU don't bring efficiency effect in 3D mark tests- I susspect "lazy" fans which allow to reach above 80 degrees.

1) Is there any program which can show throtling as percentage during testing for GPU and CPU together? I ve tested processor in Intel Extremu Tuning Utility but test load only CPU and temperatures not rise above 50 degrees so it is pointless.

2) what is the maximum RPM for fans in 502vs? I,ve noticed that after devoltage of CPU and GPU, during firestrike CPU fan reach max 3200 RPM . Unfortunatelly monitoring software (HWMonitor) not see GPU fan

3) ASUS gaming center for 502vs don't have fan boost mode or any fan adjust mode (it is limited only to basic statistics, gaming profile and memory administration- for me is preatty useless). Is there possibility to install other gaming center in order to administrate a fan speed? Many forum users told me that they have adjustment in their gaming center.

4) cooling module have copper links which connect CPU and GPU with radiators. The heat should disperse evenly on both radiators, however i've noticed that fans not work with even RPM- one of them has lower RPM than second during gaming (it can be checked because of greater air flow near one radiator). Is it normal?

5) my processor all the time works on boost mode- on idle and during load. I can turn off boost pernamently or turn it on pernamently- but it don't act automatically- is it normal? It will be great if processor will work on lower frequency and boost it when it is really needed.

6) I ve seen a youtube movie where guy played witcher 3 the wild hunt on battery without any excusses (on 502vs). I load witcher 2 and according to afterburner I have same frequency of GPU and CPU as during plugged with feeder cable but FPS drop noticeably- it can be seen without any tests. WTF?
Of course when plugged everything is normal.

7) Is someone repast their ROG with high performance paste? Any possitive effects?
😎 what bios version is the best at this moment? the newest 302?

Level 11
Im not positive, but I think the kaby lake refresh models have the Fan Boost option in ROG Gaming Center. Do you have the GL502VSK?

Sorry, I can't be of much help with other issues.

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Hi I don't have kabylake but skylake -it is 502vs; I ve installed the gaming center for 502 vsk- I don't have option of fan adjustment. I suspect that my model don't have some kind of fan driver and software can't see the fans. It strange because bios control them automatically, so there is some drivers but not recognized by windows... I prefer to get more chill at the expense of silent work- I can see now that with this laptop it would't be possible 😞

Level 8
Forcing the fans to spin faster definitely makes a big difference.

You are right to assume that asus programmed the fans to allow the cpu/gpu temps to get way to high and rely on thermal throttling vs increasing fan speed (and noise). I believe the effectiveness of undervolting is being hidden because the system is reacting by running the fans even slower than before.

with undervolting and forcing the fans to 50% I can keep my 1070 GPU in the low 60c's with even the most demanding games.

1) I use Intel XTU to monitor the CPU as there is a sensor that will trigger if thermal throttling activates. As we all understand now the CPU alone is not the culprit for heat generation, its the GPU that overpowers the cooling system which is why undervolting the GPU is so important.

Using the GPU-Z sensor you can easily see the Mhz your GPU holds and compare it to the profile you created with MSI afterburner. In my experience the GPU starts to pull back Mhz after hitting 63c.

2) My GL702VSK Kaby Lake fans hit a little over 5000rpm when set to max. At 50% they hover around 3500- 4000rpm ( from memory) under full load.

3) all I can say is try the download page for the GL702VSK Kaby Lake and download that version of gaming center.. doubt it will work but worth a try.

4) yes normal, the GPU side fan is larger/more powerfull than the CPU side.

5) not sure what you mean, you can turn off turbo boost with the 99% trick. Will definitely help overall temps.

6) Gaming on battery? I've never even bothered trying.. other than random testing whats the point?

7) Repasting will help a bit, I plan on doing my GL702 eventually, however is brings you back to the first problem. If Asus programmed their BIOS to allow 80+c before spinning up the fans then the system will always react that way. I'd get start by getting a good laptop cooler and find a way to force those fans to spin up!

I can only recommend you keep looking for a way to force those fans to spin faster..

Hi thanks for all replies. I noticed that 502vs is somehow handicapped on software layer- Despite of similar hardware as other models Asus abandon BIOS improvement (502 has 302 version - in comparison 702vs have 304 version now) Aditionally there is no chance to boost fans. I searched the web and there is no good solution to do it- everyone point at msi afterburner control (it is blocked in my case) or gaming center... If someone have any idea how to boost a fans in 502vs I will appreciate any help.

When I have boost mode ON my CPU work all the time on the boost mode ( idle, low load and heavy load). Of course I can turn it off but then processor work all the time with suppressed frequency. Is there chance to set boost mode to turn on automatically - boost start to work when is needed?

Ps. I found this inscription in ASUS website "Fan boosting settings are limited to FX53, ZX53, GX800, GX701, GFX72v, and other related models which support fan boosting" - I suppose that my laptop don't support this option 😞 I ve checked gaming center dedicated for GL702 - the fan boooost mode is not available.