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Rlx Strix G16 - Win10 vs Win11 wich?

Level 8


I have buy one of this ones (13650 HX / 4060 / 16GB Ram / 512GB M2), I will use for work and gaming.

Would like to know if someone has "downgraded" this machine to Win10, on my desktop PC I have Win 10 the use of it is a hybrid between work and my sim  racing (VR + motion + a few other add ons).

I was thinking in a fress win10 install from usb and new 1TB m2 and start from 0, but would I have any benefit?

I know I will have to look for all the drivers and bla bla bla.. but worth the effort? The problem, Inwill have to change from win10 (PC) to win 11 (notebook)

I use office  (not the 365), hope it exist, I dont ñile to pay monthly fees, I rather buy the license on one of those big sellers)

Somwone here has done it? Experiences?

Thanks a lot!



Level 12

Doesn't matter which OS you are using win 10 or win 11 they both have there benefits, there is plenty of you tube videos on that matter. 

An if you don't want  Microsoft Office 365 I suggest you get  it's easy to use.

Level 12

for sure windows 11 i haved a problem whit windows 10 i install windows 10 for same laptop and i haved a problem whit sound and drivers untill i install win 11 i haved a problems not only whit sound so go to win 11 download your official driver(they are only for win 11)

check this link for official drivers chose model G614JV your model

under this official drivers chose Operation system and download them manuel and you are ready


Great advice! Thanks

Will stick to W11