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Replacement for GL502VS --> GL503VM-DB74 or GL702VS-RS71

Level 7
I have had loads of trouble with the GL502VS for the past year, ASUS has finally agreed to replace it with another model, and the 2 listed in the title are my options.

The way I see it is I can take the 702 with the 1070 in it, or go for something that is less likely to have thermal issues, the 503 with the 1060 in it.

Looking for some advice here on which to take given experience with the models and what I see here on the forums.

Pros for the 503:
Less likely to have thermal throttling issues over the models with the 1070
NVME + HDD versus HDD only
Could take it with me on business trips or when traveling, not so on the 702

Cons for the 503:
Downgrading to a 1060 from a 1070
Smaller screen for when I am not "docked"

Pros for the 702:
Bigger screen

Cons for the 702:
Loads of threads talking about thermal throttling, not sure if they apply to the VS-RS71 but still, haven't had good luck with GL?02 model laptops so far
Heavy and not really travel-able

What did I miss and what do you all think?

Level 7
I think the 15" model is the best option, I do like small laptops because of the shape and portability but not so small to have temps issues, the 17" model is not a good example of a big and well ventilated 17" laptop like others so unless you need a big screen you should go for a full 1060 instead of a 1070 that will burn if you use it 100%