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Replacement fans for G55

Level 7
I was taking a little look-see inside my G55VW and my cat decided to knock my cup of tea over the opened laptop. Needless to say, the laptop wasn't happy (me either:()

I dried all the mobo with cottom buds and sat the laptop under a desk lamp and it now works again, but the CPU fan isn't working properly. It keeps making a queer noise and vibrating. Considering all the damage the cuppa could have done, a busted fan is quite good.

I've looked about and can't seem to find a replacement fan for the CPU (Ivy Bridge I7-3610). I've contacted ASUS and they want the laptop to be taken to a repair centre - not going to happen. Anyone know any online stores where I can get a replacement fan? I'm not worried about installing it myself, I think it is safe to assume the warranty is already void:p

Level 7
You can try and dismount the fan from the base and oil it and clean it thoroughly. You can even try to disassemble it and clean it from the inside as well. Or you can try and call a distributor of ASUS in your region and ask them if they sell this kind of part. Other wise you are kind of screwed. But what I would do is try to fix it myself and if that doesn't work, then go and seek for help since it is going to involve giving away some money. 🙂

Level 12
You could also troll ebay looking for someone with a G55VW that is being sold for parts for some reason not involving the CPU fan. You could buy that part, apply some fresh thermal grease, and go about your way. However, keep in mind that liquid damage can be a funny thing, so it might well end up being that later on you're going to find other things wrong, or it might just take a little bit for the issues to show up. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend spending too much in trying to repair this thing. A CPU fan will probably be ~50USD give or take, so not a big loss if you have to scrap the unit later. Just decide how much money you're willing to eat trying to fix the thing, and stick to that.

Level 11
Just pull the fan out disassemble it all the way and clean it really good with 90% or higher alch. relube you shaft "Lightly" put it back together.

However i will say that you should just buy a new fan. You dont want the fan to die on you. Ebay should have what you need just do a search for the fans part number.

Okay, thanks for the help. I'll continue to look around for a spare, if not, try ti fix it.
At the moment it seems to be holding out.

RogerWilco wrote:
Okay, thanks for the help. I'll continue to look around for a spare, if not, try ti fix it.
At the moment it seems to be holding out.

It should i mean as long as its not shorted and the bearings are not shot they're pretty resilient.

Level 7
Hi Roger, could you post a photo of the fans on the board? Thanks

By the way guys, in another thread a bit old though, I read that when some guy disassembled his G55 he found a piece of transparent plastic over his fan vents! I wanted to ask you if you had the same problem because I think I have it too. Sometimes I can hear my fans touching something while spinning and it cannot be from dust because the computer is 2 months old and I have only been using it on a cooler. I don't want to disassemble it though since it's so new! Can it be fatal in some occasions?

Level 9
Replacement fans themselves are pretty cheap. Like on my G50VT, a replacement Forcecon DFS541305MH0T “F8U5” fan is only about $15 shipped.

Does anybody know the fan model # for the G55 or G75? Curious if it's the same as the brand new Haswell based G750 because I noticed on a take apart picture, the fan in the G750 has about 31 fins!

Level 9
i think if fan are able to install to laptop, it all can be using.