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Remapping GL702vm ROG key ?

Level 7
I have a GL702vm and I would want to remap my ROG key, the button circled in blue in the picture, to the num lock key. Is there any software out there or any other way to remap this key? Thanks


Level 7
Watch this topic.

I have solution but it have a cons:
- problem with run rog gaming center
- big delay between switch NUMLOCK state ( about 4sec ).
- notification about launching rog gaming center at right bottom corner

Did you guys find any answers to this? It's not that I dislike gaming center or anything, but I really miss having bith a numpad and an "End" button without having to turn Num Lock on and off all the time... it'd be great to remap the ROG button to "End", it's right below "Home"!

Level 7
Does anyone know how to give feedback on the RoG gaming center that those whom it may concern actually read? I have a GL702ZC (the 8-core, 16 thread AMD beast with RX580) that I use as a SYCL/OpenCL devbox, sysadmin workstation and also game on it at home. I would use an 'End' button ~50-100x a day, and a 'RoG' button once every 2-3 months. Because remapping this key seems like an enourmous hassle (doesn't really behave like a key), I would much rather have the ASUS folk update the firmware so that it may behave like an 'End' key, and the Gaming Center seems like the best place to put that option.

Really, this machine is awesome for developing, running VMs and what not, and the AMD version of the RoG Center is soooo limited, it's borderline useless. More features on that part would be certainly welcome, but an 'End' key is much more important.