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Recovering ASUS ROG Laptop To Factory Settings After a Windows Reset via USB

Level 7

Laptop Model: G731GV

So I have recently (After 4 years of usage) decided to reset my laptop and reinstall everything. I couldn't use the recovery partition that I had because the laptop is older than 2019. I didn't use the Windows reset for whatever reason and decided to do a fresh Windows install and installed everything manually, the drivers, and Armoury Crate. But there is some stuff missing that I don't know how to install and I'm not sure about it. For example, before resetting I used to have 2 Power Plan modes, High Performance, and Balanced. But now I only see the Balanced option. Is there a way to get my laptop back to the factory settings after this or there is no need to do so?


Level 10


Don't worry. You don't need additional power plan. 

Armory Crate switches between the 3 power modes of Windows 11 and not power plans.
Settings \ System \ battery and power \ power mode

In Armory Crate : 

  • Silent switches to "Best power Efficiency" power mode.
  • Performance switches to “Balanced” power mode
  • Turbo switches to “Best Performance” power mode

Test it in Armory Crate and see what happens in Windows power mode.

If all your drivers are installed and the device manager is clean, you don't need anything else.

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