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recommend to add "Wake on lan" or "Restore AC power loss" function to Strix Notebook

Level 7
I am using "ROG Strix SCAR 17 (2022) G733", it is so exciting that laptops can finally be as powerful as desktops,
but there are one important function that realy helpful for a strong laptop worikng at home: "POWER ON" when user are outside.
"Wake on lan" is easy to understand, but there are another alternative methods: "Restore AC power loss: power on".
It can not only help to resolve unexpected power outages, but also make it possible to remote power-on working with smart home receptacle.
Either of these two features can help user who wants to remote use of powerful ROG Strix Gaming Notebooks~!
Remotely operating computers is becoming an increasingly popular practical technique, and ROG symbolizes the pursuit of advanced and extreme.
Therefore, i sincerely request the offical to update this function in the next BIOS version.