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Random reboots

Level 7

Hi my asus g15 Strix g513rw randomly restarts when on low task.

I see black screen then widows is booting up again. this usualy happens on a pused youtube video, sitting on the desktop, or eddting a video but pussed in the moment. 

This has not happen so far while playing cyberpunk, streaming on OBS, the witcher 3, hogworts legacy or resident evil 4 remake. 

this has not happen while running heven benchmark, superposition benchmark, furmark, cinabench, memtest86 in bois was clear and passed all test, OCCT cpu 1 hour stress no issues. and ssd check passed with crystalmark with expected score.

I had widnows 10, but I went to windows 11 pro to see if it would fix it, but that did not work.

did asus give us a bad bios update or is somthing worng with asus armoury crate update. or is this a hardwear issue on a 6 month old computer??? plz help thanks


Level 7

i should add this is not a frequent issue at most 1 times a day usualy every 3-4 days I see it

Hi RiseBeyond,

I  am also facing the same issue I have the same exact problem but in my case, reboots are quite frequent seems like all G15 Strix G513RW have the same problem, My laptop is also 6 months old In addition what you tested also tried downgrading bios to  version 323 and 325 problems still persist on older bios as well do you tried recommended Nvidia driver from Asus website that works for me for 1-2 week without getting restart but again windows update happened and the same problem started till date, please let me know other if you get any solution in future that will help to get rid of this issue


Level 7

one other qustion did they still never fix the amd tpm stutter issue?