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Ram Upgrade Scar 2024 18 G834JZR-N6027W

Level 7

I have ASUS Scar 2024 RTX 4080 14900hx and I know that some people are using 96GB ram on ASUS Strix Scar 2024 , but is it compatible with the 2024 models without bios upgrade?? I read that some models like Samsung and Hynix 5600 were verified so they don't need BIOS upgrade for  ROG Strix G18 (2023) with the i9-13980HX, does this means that the 2024 doesn't need bios upgrade too??

My retail(from Asus website in my region) told me that warranty will be cancelled if I did BIOS upgrade FFS and I need lots of ram, 64GB is not enough for my usage!!


Level 7

I'm honestly not sure what you mean by bios upgrade, other than those put out by ASUS. I do have A ROG Strix G834JZR with the RTX 4080 and I installed the 96GB RAM kit from Crucial that states 5600, but performance monitor is showing it running at 5200MHz. I'm not super computer savvy but I would say I'm about average and from what I've read, it's almost indistinguishable when you factor in the trade off of now having 96GB instead of 32 or 64. Hope this answers your question. 

Yes I believe they meant any bios upgrade(ASUS), which is kinda weird(or they are clueless)! I had issues and I had to update the bios anyway.
I have the same G834JZR  too, and I was referring to this thread btw,
 I'm not savvy either, I'm using Unreal Engine, so ram can always come in handy. I think lowering the Hz is not bad if it adds more space!
It answers part of the question, Thanks, so the same issue exists
I also want to know if ASUS is happy with people upgrading the ram to 96GB? or does it nullify the warranty?


Level 7

Thank you so much for sharing the thread.

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