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RAM Upgrade for ROG Strix G16 RTX4060 G614JV to 64GB ddr5 5600Mhz

Level 8

Hello, I am planning to upgrade ram to 64 GB ddr5 5600Mhz on my Asus Rog Strix G16 G614JV which currently has 16GB 4800 M/T ddr5. My question is, does this laptop support 64gb ram at 5600Mhz? And another question, I'm thinking of buying them from the Crucial brand that would cost approximately 200 dollars, the Samsung ones cost almost 300, does this laptop support Crucial without any problem? Amazon Crucial (2x32GB)64gb:


Level 12

Your laptop doesn't support 5600mhz max support is 4800mhz dont spend your money for nothing .... Better buy ram whit lower CL like this one just find a 32gb option

Screenshot_20240420-213424_Samsung_Internet (1).jpg

Level 7

Hey, buddy, have you tried such upgrade already? My main question does it works with 64gb?

Level 8

64gb DDR 5 is supported but runs at 5200. 32gb is the max supported that will run at 6400. Gskill makes CL 40 16gb RAM, I'm about to install 2 sticks upgrading to 32gb 6400.

except thats wrong

13th gen only supports ram speeds at 5600mhz max with single sided modules
and 5200mhz max with dual sided that and asus machines dont use ram profiles it uses jdec

Level 13

The 64GB will work just fine. That being said for reasons unknown the speed by design is limited to 4800MHz. There isn’t much you can do about it as laptop BIOS is very limited and the last time I tried forcing it with the Intel program the machine locked slam up. Had to disassemble and pull the CMOS battery that was no easy task. 

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