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Questions/Problems regarding Scar 16

Level 9

Hello, I bought the Scar 16 2023 (RTX4080) this week, and have some questions about some of the features.

1) Is this laptop Dolby Vision licensed for sure? In the production page it says it is, but in the Dolby Access app, I have no tabs or settings about Dolby Vision, it only has Dolby Atmos settings. I downloaded every driver from the products support page and myasus app, installed the Dolby Vision Extensions from Microsoft Store and I still don't have Vision settings. I can enable and use regular HDR from Windows settings. Netflix app shows both Dolby vision and atmos on supported shows detail page, so I guess it is enabled? In some of the reviews for this product, they have Dolby vision settings on the access app.

2) How do I enable G-sync? There are no settings for it in the Nvidia control panel.

3) There is no download link for the Gamefirst software on the support page. Does my unit not support it? I would like to use it with my ROG router.

Thanks in advance 🙂


Level 9

Update: Upon connecting the laptop to my LG oled C1 via an HDMI 2.1 cable with dolby vision+atmos support, nvidia control panel now has gsync settings. So I guess optimus has to be disabled and only dgpu has to be used on laptop display to make gsync work? Which makes advanced optimus totally useless if I have to run the laptop on dgpu all the time. But I still don't have dolby vision, not on the laptop display, not on the tv which I know has dolby vision support.

Level 7

Lower variant of this laptop doesn't have mini led as well as doesn't support Dolby vision or nebula hdr. But to ensure you that this problem is applicable to other model of scar 16 too.