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Question regarding esupport folder for GL703VD

Level 7
Recently, I performed a clean install of my laptop (a GL703VD) and I did not back up the esupport folder because (a) its existence didn't register with me, and (b) I didn't bother looking for anything like it because it appeared to me that all of the drivers and software I was interested in could be downloaded from the Product Support page for my laptop. Since the clean install, however, I noticed my mic cutting out whenever the sound is fairly constant, e.g. if I sing and "hold a note", then the audio won't be picked up, but as soon as I change pitch, the change will be picked up by the microphone, then it will be muted again, etc. In investigating the problem, I noticed that posts on these forums seem super insistent about backing up the esupport folder, and now I'm concerned I may have screwed up.

What exactly does the esupport folder contain that can't be recovered online that might affect performance? I don't care about anything "optional", e.g. bloatware or Autodesk Sketchbook or keyboard RGB or anything like that. Just drivers or any other software needed for my computer to run properly. If I've lost something crucial, then I'll have to contact ASUS about it I suppose, but otherwise, I'll just download what I need and investigate other factors that might be causing the mic problem.

Level 7
As a small update regarding the microphone, it appears that I needed to install the "fine tuning tool", which is apparently much more critical than the name suggests. So I'm less concerned now than I was before, but still want to make sure I didn't lose something else critical.