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Question Asus ROG Strix G513: no internal sound speaker working after RMA return

Level 7


I just picked up my Asus ROG Strix G513 and went back home and the internal sound speaker does not work.

  • according to Asus only the chasis has been exchanged
  • the internal speakers worked without issues before I gave it to an RMA (only the chasis got exchanged)
  • the drivers are up to date
  • even the Asus startup sound in the BIOS does not sound after I enable it again
  • I reset the BIOS to the default settings
  • the BIOS is on the latest version
  • all other external sound devices such as headphones work (via headphone jack)
  • the internal speaker even shows activity if I play a YouTube video as if it recognized the sound volume (even the mic!), but the internal speaker just does not sound
  • Windows shows no error messages, no disabled devices

Is there maybe just a button on the laptop that disabled the sound?

Or did the Asus guys accidentaly remove a cable of the internal speaker?

Thank you!


Level 12

You could go into the speaker on your task bar by right clicking it or through the setting to see if it's just muted or sound lowered.

It is not muted, not even the BIOS sound cannot be heard after the RMA repair.

I brought the device back to the store and got a new one. Issue resolved. The official technicians had to spare parts.