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Question about the new BIOS 312 for G731 and G531 gaming laptops

Level 10
Hello, I have been sticking with BIOS version 307/8 for the purpose of Undervolting in order to maintain reasonable temps during gaming and heavy usage scenarios for past year or so, forgoing BIOS version 310 due to its disabling UV capability on my intel 9750h. However, recently dated June 2021 there is a new 312 BIOS available. Of course, ASUS couldn't be bothered to post a simple changelog of any sort... Hence the reason why I am asking here. Can someone tell me if the "newest" BIOS 312 support undervolting? If not, can anyone tell me any other benefits for updating?

Appreciate your help.

Edit: Nevermind, I loaded it up and still no changes to undervolting support. Why did I ever think ASUS would do something cool like add limited UV support in BIOS like some other manufacturers, I can hardly fathom....

Level 7
Thanks for the post, I suspected they wouldn't reenable it because that is the cheapest way to fix intel undervolting exploit. Without UV, CPU is toast.