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Question about Normal Battery mode operation on GL753VE-DS74?

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Hi everyone, I just had a quick question about how the battery works on these types of computers. This is my first gaming PC and I noticed that when I first turned it on the battery was not charging at all. I had plugged in the computer before starting it. When I disconnected the cable and connected it again it did start charging. I noticed in the little user guide that came with the computer that they use the terms "battery mode" and "power adapter mode". I turned the PC of and the next day when I turned it on again I did the same thing, I plugged it in before turning it on and The same thing was happening where it was not charging. I'm assuming that when I do that the computer is on power adapter mode and that when it does charge it is on battery mode.

Is this power adapter mode a way to protect the battery and avoid using it when the computer is not being moved around? and is turning the computer on while having it plugged in to the current the only way to activate power adapter mode? I'm making a lot of assumptions here so if this is not the way any of this works please let me know. I just want to make sure that I am protecting the battery from being used whenever I don't need to move around the computer. Thanks for reading.

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Not sure if this applies, but check the FAQ below if you're interested. If your battery charge is below 95%, it should always be charging when plugged in, but above 95% charge, it can depend.