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Problem fps drop with asus gl703vm-ba015t

Level 7
I bought the GL703VM-BA015T for a month.
The PC works perfectly and I do not have any problems with the games.

Unfortunately, playing I encountered a fairly serious problem. With Need for Speed ​​Payback or Forza Horizon 3, for the first 4/5 minutes the FPS are on average at 60, then they fall sharply for 1/2 minutes at 23/20 FPS.

I monitored the situation to understand what the problem was and I found that the processor clock in those 1/2 minutes varies and drops in speed, as if the processor slowed down to cool (from 3.7GHz to 1.4GHz), while the GPU from 99% of use gets fixed at 100% for the duration of the problem as well as the fans that are pushed to the maximum only at that time.

Also with less demanding games the same thing happens, but after 8/9 minutes of play.

I tried different solutions even following this forum.

Tested system reset
Tried to install a previous nvidia driver
Tried a clean boot
Tried to install the games on ssd
Tried to underclock the processor voltage with Intel XTU
Tried to underclock video card with MSI Afterburner
Proved to set 99% processor usage on Windows
Tried to make a CPU stress and a GPU stress but there is no drop in frames, even for 10 minutes with GPU and CPU use at most, practically only happens in games
Tried to activate the game mode of Windows 10
Tried underclock CPU and GPU with Throttlestop and MSI Afterburner

All these attempts did not work ... bearing in mind that I can not control or change fan speeds as they are locked as well as some processor speed options.

Is there a solution or would it be better to give it assistance to make it change?
Have you ever had similar experiences?

I thank you in advance.
Sorry for the bad english.