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Possible to use a heatsink on NVMe in G713QR?

Level 8
I'm planning on buying a second 1TB NVMe (PCIe Gen3 x4, 3500MB/s read, 2900MB/s write) but the reviews show high temperatures even inside regular desktop PCs (60C without heatsink or fans blowing at it, via it's sensor. Heat cam showed 80C on hottest part...but that was extreme stress test, 10 minute continuous write at ~2.9GB/s...wont happen with my laptop 😄 )

To reduce temp, a heatsink could be applied, but will such fit inside laptops?

Haven't got any specific heatsink in mind and I don't know of any "free height" for this laptop - Strix G17 G713QR

Or am I overthinking? Normal use and gaming won't stress the SSD that much and raise temps?

60c should be fine for an NVME so if that's all you get I wouldn't worry. You probably won't be able to fit a normal heatsink but even just some thermal tape (maybe with a strip of metal if there is room) that is thick enough to contact the laptop chassis will dissipate some heat. You really only need to heatsink the controller anyway, the NAND likes being hot.
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