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Poor distorted sound - ASUS ROG STRIX GL753VE

Level 7
Hi all,

one week ago I bought ROG STRIX GL753VE. It's amazing machine, but there was malfunction of the speakers. So after few days I returned it to the seller. He acknowledged the problem and gave me new laptop. When I came home and turned it on I was really surprised, because the sound was exactly the same, distorted. Did I have really bad luck and should I return it to the seller again, or such poor sound is normal for this model? Can somebody with the same laptop confirm it please?

The problem doesn't manifest always. The distortion is most obvious while playing the Windows 10 system sounds at high volume.

Here is video of the problem:

Here is video for comparison with external bluetooth speaker:

Thank you 🙂

Level 7
Your sound seems like it has some static issue in it.

I have GL753VE and it sounds normal (like your 2nd video).

Try download Driver Booster 4 (free) and update your drivers.

Level 13
What audio driver is installed, this is the latest driver on your laptops driver page Version V6.0.1.8098

also on the driver page is ICE Sound Version V1.0.3.8 in Utilities

I would return it , When Broke Right out of the Box its bad thing
Create a Restore Point if u decide to install those drivers so u can go back to original if they make it worse

Thank you all for replies, the drivers were the last versions.
I returned the machine and bought the same laptop at another vendor.
Now the sound is ok. Perhaps it was some bad batch or really bad luck. The third GL753VE has normal sound. It's amazing laptop.