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Pixles moving in a static image. Noisy image

Level 7

Hello. Just got my rog strix 16 2023 today and ive come across a weird problem.

So if i run my video through a Dell Thunderbolt Dock connected to laptop Thunderbolt port its creates a very noisy image with pixels «moving». I then tried changing to the laptop usb-c 3.2 gen 2 port and its a lot better but its one of those things that cant be unseen..

I tried just about any combination of cabling and HDMI works fine. No misbehavior. Thunderbolt port bad. USB-C better but can be noticed if you look for it.

I did use the Dell hub with a G513 for a week and didnt notice any issues. I’ll go back and check if i can spot it now but theres no chance its as bad as running on the Thunderbolt port cause thats a very noticeable effect.

Anyone heard or experienced any problems like this? Going back to the hdmi cable isnt my prefered option as i was hoping to set up a 1-2 cable plug and play.