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Performance issues on GL703GS

Level 7
Hi !

I've just buyed a GL703GS, and I've noticed some performance issues while using it.
It is performing great enough to be running on the dedicated GPU, and not on the integrated one, but I'm getting like 30% less FPS than I'm supposed to 😕

I've saw some benchmarks with this computer, for example on DOOM 2016, the guy was easily getting avg 120FPS, I'm struggling to have more than 90FPS (even in low settings, which doesn't seem to do something on the framerate).
Overwatch, same. He has avg 140FPS, I'm closer to 100.

In the Nvidia control center, I've set graphics to "Let the application decide", and Power Management in Windows is set on "High Performance". I'm also connected to the sector.

I really don't why it is like this, did I missed something ?

Have a nice day 🙂

Level 7
Check the temps while gaming might be running hot.


I've just checked, temps looks good (around 70°C)

70C is nothing for a GL703GS running at full speed. What the Fan OverBoost setting?

Silent - Will reduce CPU (32W) & GPU TDP

Balanced - CPU (40W) close to max TDP, GPU full speed

OverBoost - CPU full TDP (45W), GPU mild overclock

If set to Silent FPS will be good a good deal lower than expected. After that your into looking at drivers.


Is it the "Fan overboost" option on the lower left corner ?
If so, I only have "Auto" and "Overboost"


EDIT : formatting

Yes, but yours is a little different to mine as I have three options.
Maybe a slightly different SKU

More on the same here: