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Performance and Turbo stock fan profiles from G Helper needed (Rog Strix G16 2023)

Level 7

Hi everyone! I Own a Strix G16 (i7 13650HX/4060) and basically I would like to apply the Performance/Turbo mode stock fan settings to manual mode in Armoury Crate. I read that G Helper uses the stock bios settings for its default modes, and I was wondering if one of you G Helper users, who also own a G16, could send me a screenshot or written details of the fan curves for both Performance and Turbo mode.

Thank you so much!


Level 12

I can send you photos of my settings but after 2-3 hours when i come back home 

First silence mode i setup to work from 30 to 67 degrees at 2100 RPM for CPU GPU MID fan after this at 68 to 90 degrees  you will get constant fan speed to 4000 RPM

For balanced mode the setup is again from 40 to 67 degrees at 2100 RPM and from 68 to 90 are at 4500 RPM 

For Turbo mode is the same but only different is that from 68 to 90 for CPU GPU and MID fan you will get 5000 RPM 

I will send you my settings soon and you will try it also the balance is good when you use your laptop normally you will get 2100 RPM for all fansand if you gaming you will get higher fan speed

I recommend to use MSI after burner to check the temperature also before setup the fan profile you must make fan speed calibration from Ghelper 

After few hours i will send photos 

Level 12

try to abjust the graph like this on the photo but just to know even you see that from 30C to 67C is 1800rpm in reality work on 2100rpm the Ghelper is not perferct for fan speed abjust and if you need you must make little abujsting


Screenshot 2024-04-05 010009.pngScreenshot 2024-04-05 010014.pngScreenshot 2024-04-05 010020.png


you can abjust MSI after burner like this to have information about your laptop work


Screenshot 2024-04-05 005937.png