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Official Reply for GL502VS (6th gen. cpu) Battery Discharging Issue

Level 12
UPDATE 4/5 - Aug 23, 2017, October 24, 2017 (for North American Customers only)
North American customers can now contact local ASUS support to request a resolution for this issue and make sure ASUS call center agents escalate your request before you receive your RMA number, otherwise you may not get the solution you are looking for if they just issue a standard RMA for you right away.

Edit 10/14/17: Again for North American customers only, if you request the RMA online by email, it will not be processed correctiy for this issue, so be sure to call or chat with an ASUS support agent to get the case number and wait for the reply/RMA from the escalations department.

UPDATE 3 - July 18, 2017
Right now it appears a lot of customers are being told to wait as the process is being prepared internally. I want to make sure each region is handling this properly, please send me the following information by private message if you are having issues with your local customer service/retailer.

Full name:
Case ID#:


UPDATE 2 - July 14, 2017
For all North American customers please allow more time to work out all the details for this program and check back here for updates on the progress. This page will be updated when the program is up and running in North America.

UPDATE - July 3, 2017
Please note that each country will have different RMA procedures and are required to confirm the issue before further options are available. Please contact local customer support for the full process and if you have any issues obtaining that from them then please do the same and PM me with the information mentioned below and I'll have our service team follow up on it.

After further internal discussion, the new solution unfortunately can’t be offered due to an insufficient material supplies issue that can’t be fulfilled within a reasonable period of time and additional technical issues.

For all users affected by this discharging issue, please follow the following steps:
1. Update to the latest BIOS version (302) and verify if the issue is resolved
2. If issue isn't resolved or you’re not satisfied with the current solution, please contact customer service for RMA and they will further assist you with other alternative options.
3. We recommend that you consider going with a different series ROG notebook or an ASUS gaming series notebook, please visit your local resellers for additional details on available models in your country.

We apologize for all the inconveniences caused, please send me a PM with the following information if you encounter any issues during this process:

Product serial number:
Case ID#:


US Customer Loyalty Agent
As mentioned by Bahz on 09-25-2017 at post #624 as below just wanted to confirm this notice applies to the GL502VS with 6th gen. cpu and not the GL502VS with 7th gen. cpu which ASUS may internally refer to as the GL502VSK.
Bahz wrote:
Just for clarification as Cl-Albert brought to my attention that I misread the message from Jereyo. This thread is for GL502VS only, GL502VSK is unrelated to any information posted in this thread. We have no confirmed reports that shows GL502VSK has the same discharging issue as reported for GL502VS.