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Oberboost not working on Gl503VM

Level 7
Gtx 1060 6GB + i7 7th Gen + 16 GB RAM SSD+HHD

I have never formatted my laptop ( its 2 years old )
when clicking Fn+F5 the pop up appears but the fan does not work. It does changes in Gaming center
Also, I cannot change GPU Pref Limiter, its always on Utilization.

Game Visual also seems to be bugged. When I change, it gets stuck on Racing mode and requires restart to change back to sRGB mode.
I have the latest drivers

When gaming the fans does run at high speeds tho.
Also, I get FPS drops to 20 in games like R6 seige, Apex even on medium setting.
Temps are like 90 when gaming. I have a cooling pad btw.
I tried undervolt but it cannot go beyond 100mV and it did not made any temps difference.

I tried Whisper mode with 60fps cap in games, still drops.
I tried full performance mode still drops.

My other cheaper laptop with Gtx 1650 runs games better 😞

Level 7
I have the same laptop and i am also experiencing huge fps drops.

I just used msi afterburner to see whats happening and my GPU (GeForce GTX 1060 1280 @ 1404 - 1670 (Boost) MHz 192 Bit @ 8000 MHz) clock speed drops to like 100-200-300 etc and then goes back up while temperature is around 90 degrees and i got VOLTAGE LIMIT and TEMP LIMIT notification too.

I have not tried undervolting or anything of that sort YET. But i need someone who has much more knowledge than me to guide me through it if i can find that person.